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Tour Exhibits

For the past thirty years, the museum has collected, preserved, and displayed equipment used in or related to underwater activities. Please take a tour of some of our exhibits at the museum.

The world’s first underwater living facility
U.S. Navy Deep Dive System Mark I (DDS-MKI)
Experimental dive system from 1968
The last of the SEALAB Experiments
Coastal Systems Station Display
Display honoring history of U.S. Navy.
Commercial Diving
Specially-designed underwater gear
Underwater Submersibles
An early model submarine
Armored Suit of 1913
Used to examine a wreck or study down to 400 feet
Mark V Diving Suit Rig
Virtually unchanged since 1837
Assorted Underwater Masks and Helmets
Masks and helmets as they evolved over the past 100 years
A. Seibe Denmark St. London
Early water flow pump
Assorted submarine modules & pods, known as Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDV)
A collection of various submarines and pods for underwater studies.
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Check out our new online store!
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